If you go to Dubai, make sure you don’t miss Palm Jumeirah

If you go to Dubai, make sure you don't miss Palm Jumeirah

Could you find such a thing on a palm-shaped artificial island in the middle of the ocean anywhere else than Dubai? Dubai is truly beyond imagination! The city is a treasure trove of experiences, and Palm Jumeirah is one of them. Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest artificial island in the Arabian Gulf. It consists of a 2 kilometer long trunk with a palm-shaped crown consisting of 17 leaves or leaves. These extraordinary technical and design achievements are full of luxury and leisure activities.

Of course we start with a bus tour

Bus tours are the best way to see the Palm Islands for the first time. This air-conditioned bus takes you to almost every corner of the island and allows you to enjoy and photograph objects through the glass windows without being affected by the intense heat.

The top seat of the bus has a beautiful view of the island. When you hike up the coast, the scenery becomes impressive. The top glass of the bus protects you from the heat and the bus allows you to jump and get off wherever you want. The bus will have comments, testimonials and travel stories in 12 different languages. This way you can learn more about the country and its culture.

Cruise Tour of the Island

Explore palm islands on a 1 hour guided cruise and enjoy views of the skyline. The guide provided by Sabsan Holidays explains each attraction very clearly.

This in-island tour starts at the West Marina from Palm Jumeirah to all parts of the island. They also have photo stops to take photos of you with all this great architecture in the background.

Make sure you bring a professional camera to capture the silhouette of the iconic Atlantis the Palm.

Yacht sailing – more business / private activity

When we hear from other people about Dubai, you can imagine, expensive cars, mansions and yachts. Extreme adventures like jetsky, scuba diving, windsurfing, skydiving and many more. As a tourist you can enjoy any of these activities anytime, but if you want something more premium gen in touch with yachtrentaldubai247.com and rent a yacht and make your own tour of the Island, you won’t regret it!

Aquaventure Waterpark – family activity

Aquaventure Aquapark in Atlantis is one of the best theme parks in the UAE. With age-appropriate trips for both children and adults, this water park is a must for families.

Leap of Faith is the most popular ride along with other waterslides, rivers and private beaches. Aquaventure Water Park is designed as a luxurious retreat and residential area to live, relax and unwind and is one of the main attractions on the Palm Islands.

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