Frequent flyer programs are useful marketing tools that airline companies use to increase the loyalty of their customers.

In exchange for booking the same airline every time you fly you may receive vouchers or coupons. Later on, you can exchange them for free miles, food and overnight accommodation as well as car rental discounts and airport shopping.

If you are looking for the best frequent flyer programs to join, you have come to the right place. Here are the most popular ones:

The AAdvantage from American Airlines

This loyalty program for frequent flyers is one of the oldest ones in the business having been first implemented in 1981.

It requires passengers to travel at least 25,000 miles or the equivalent of $3,000 in-flight fares per year. In exchange, you may receive points that will later transform in free miles and discounted trips even for non-American citizens.

The Mileage Plan from Alaska Airlines

Another frequent flyer program from North America that is worth subscribing is the Mileage Plan from Alaska Airlines.

This loyalty program is for passengers who travel at least 20,000 miles annually on the company’s routes. Much like all the European flyer programs, this one does not take into account the money that you pay for the tickets, but the mileage that you accumulate.

The Executive Club from British Airways

It is something very special and lukewarm to be part of an Executive Club, which has the most British name ever, and of course that it is the frequent flyer program from British Airways.

The Executive Club program was established in 1995, and it has a rather unique way of rewarding loyal passengers. It has its reward currency called Avios that you receive every time you book a flight or use any type of service from the company.

Programs may vary from one country to another, from one target-group to another, and of course, from one company to another. For example, there are companies that compensate flight delays or cancelations, offering full refund, even extra services for their most valuable clients – corporate or business in general. As another example, if you are from Denmark and you need compensation, you should check Wizz Air Flyvningen Udsætte Kompensation and apply with trust.

It doesn’t matter how many miles you travel, but how many Avios you have in your Avios wallet, which you can later use in exchange for shopping discounts, free trips and reduced costs on car rentals.

The SkyPass from Korean Air

If you often fly in and around Asia, you should probably opt for the SkyPass frequent flyer program from Korean Air.

You have to travel at least 50,000 miles or 40 flights during an entire year to be eligible for the SkyPass. The program is very popular among Koreans and even international travelers due to its numerous amenities.

LifeMiles from Avianca

If your job or personal life involves many flights in and out of Columbia, you should opt for the LifeMiles frequent flyer program from Avianca, which is Columbia’s largest airline company.

LifeMiles requires you to travel at least 22,000 miles per year with the company’s plans to have access to facilities like cost reductions on future trips and discounts for hotels and car rentals.

How frequent flyer programs help

In the case of a flight delay or cancelation, you may use your loyalty status when claiming compensation. If you do not want to go through this process, you can employ the services of a professional company that can do all the paperwork for you and helps you be reimbursed for your trouble.